How to Fix Error Signs & Missing Textures

The TTT servers have received a new download system for content. Content will be downloaded in-game one time, then mounted every other time you join.

The first time you download content


You will see this at the top of your screen.
Do I have to download the content every time I join the server?

No, you only have to download it once, unless the content is updated.

My download is stuck. What do I do?
Relaunch Garry's Mod.
My download finished, but I still see missing textures or error signs, what do I do?
Relaunch Garry's Mod.
For some reason, models/sounds/materials look different than before, what do I do?
Navigate to your garrysmod folder, then delete the contents of the "download" folder, and verify your game cache once done. (NOTE: The "download" folder, NOT the "downloads" folder.)
I'm lagging. What do I do?
You might experience a slight stutter the first time you download the content; this is normal. If you're still lagging after the download, follow the answer above.
I'm having issues not answered here, what do I do?
Disable this feature by typing "disable_downloads 1" in the console and subscribe to the content pack on the workshop:  

If you already have CSS mounted and are still seeing missing textures or errors, feel free to use this resource to solve that issue completely. We've created a .zip file of our workshop collection compiled into a single addon that will be updated when new content/resources are added. You will need to re-download and update your addon whenever new resources are added. (shouldn't often be)

  Resource Pack

Please click here if you wish to download the latest resources pack. (not required to play)

To apply it, extract the .zip file into your Garry's Mod /addons folder and restart your game.

In-depth texture instructions

  1. Navigate to your Garry's Mod /addons folder.
  2. Drag and drop the moat-resources-master folder into the /addons folder.
  3. Restart your Garry's Mod.

When finished, your addons folder should have the moat-resources-master folder containing the resources. (materials, models, particles, sound)

/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons/moat-resources-master/sound etc..


  Steam Workshop

You can easily re-download and subscribe to our Steam workshop collection found here.

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