How to Properly Report Issues to Trust & Safety
Use this request ticket when reporting issues to the Moat Trust & Safety Team.

This article will go over how to report issues to Moat's Trust & Safety Team accurately. It will go over the ways of acquiring the needed evidence, the information regarding the rule broken as well as the required information about the user.


What is essential to report

  • User's Steam ID
  • Server's ID
  • Map (if essential)
  • Evidence in the form of damage logs, shot logs, death scenes, trade logs with screenshots of conversations, or a recording of the issue.

How to acquire essential information

  • User's Steam ID
  • Server's ID
  • Map (if essential)

For these 3, press Tab on the keyboard, right-click on their name and hit Copy Steam ID, paste that in the User's Steam ID text field.

The Server's ID is at the top right of the scoreboard.

So down below in the bullets are a couple of ways we can take screenshots and record our game. We recommend MEDAL to save and upload short clips up to 60 seconds quickly.


  • If we are using an Nvidia graphics card, we can use their program called Shadowplay to record and upload videos. 

Guide on how to use Shadowplay.

  • If a more manual type of recording and uploading is our thing, then we recommend using OBS to record videos.

Guide on how to use OBS.

  • For screenshots, Gyazo is a straightforward tool that allows us to cut out what part of the screen we want to screenshot and instantly upload it and get a link to paste on the report.

Guide on how to use Gyazo.

  • Steam screenshots work with F12 on the keyboard. We can screenshot what we want, and upload them directly to steam's screenshot library.

Guide on how to take Steam screenshots.

  • Sharex is a tool that allows both screenshots and recordings of either part of our screen or the full screen, then provides us with several uploaders from various websites.

Guide on how to use ShareX.

  • We can also just hit the Print Screen button on our keyboard, paste the image in a chat in Discord, and copy the link from the image there and paste it on the complaint.


How to acquire evidence on the server

First of all, cropped screenshots or copy-pasted lines are not allowed, take screenshots of either the full screen or the full damage log/shot log windows.

Press F8 to open the damage log and use the preferred method to screenshot/record them, we recommend the full damage logs and not just the part where we are RDM'd, this is to help staff figure out what might have caused said RDM.


acquiring shot logs

Then if we want to access the shot logs, we simply press the "Shotlogs" tab on the damage log screen. Hit refresh and take screenshots, preferably of the full shot logs and not just the part where we got rdm'd.


acquiring death scenes

Then if we want to watch and record the death scene, locate and right-click on the "kill" line in the damage log and hit "Show Death scene."

The victim/killed player and his bullets will show in green, and the attacker/killer's player and shots will show up in red.

Here we can fast forward, select if we want to view the death scene (it is in the third person) from the victims' point of view or the attacker. Alternatively, we can go into the free mode and fly around and watch things happening from different angles/on other parts of the map.



acquiring trade logs

If we are reporting a scam, open chat (default key Y) and type !trades, this will open this window:

Find the trade-in question, click it to open this view: 

Take screenshots of the full trade (all items/IC as well as the chat) using your preferred method and paste screenshots into the complaint.


Reporting the issue

Once you have all of the following:

  • User's Steam ID
  • Server's ID
  • Map (if essential)
  • Evidence in the form of damage logs, shot logs, death scenes, trade logs with screenshots of conversations, or a recording of the issue.

You are ready to send the information to our Trust and Safety team: In your message, please attach any applicable evidence, and please provide some context and the IDs.

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