Moat Internship Code of Conduct

This policy applies to all members that have had an internship role within the last 2 years.


What we're going to go over is the Moat Intern re-appearance policy.

Intern Resignations

We are sad to see you go, but we take resignations very seriously. Please don't hesitate to contact a community leader if you're struggling to stay around or having thoughts of mass rdm. (they seriously love talking to you, ok??)

  • Understanding your Resignation:
    • We request you tell us before you make a public post.
    • You must wait 30 days before rejoining the Moat Trust & Safety Team.
    • You must go through the application and Trial Staff process just like new members.
    • If you have any active strikes during resignation, you must wait a full 60 days before re-applying for Trial Staff.

Intern Demotions

Please don't flip out and give up on yourself. Accept your situation and understand we all have been in your position at some point. It's important that you take a step back and consider all viewpoints and feelings, including yourself in ten years.

  • Understanding your Demotion:
    • Don't be afraid to ask people how you can improve.
    • You must wait 60 days before re-applying from a demotion.
    • However, after 30 days, we're open to re-evaluating your situation if the entire Moat Trust & Safety Team can agree you're ten times more awesome than yourself 30 days ago.

Intern Removals

If you're banned with your removal, you have a very firm zero chance of rejoining the Moat Trust & Safety Team. If you're not banned, well, you have the same chances, just a bit less firm. So don't get yourself removed, please, don't.

  • Understand your Removal:
    • No more Moat Trust & Safety Team.
    • No more awesome pizza parties.
    • Why did you have to get removed? (seriously? why?? we expected better!!)
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