Inventory Tutorial & Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use

You can interact with your inventory by holding down your left mouse button on an item and releasing it over a different slot. Items that are in your inventory are permanent unless deconstructed or traded away.

Item Menu

Access the item menu by right-clicking on an item in your inventory. This menu allows you to equip an item to your loadout, link the item in chat, or deconstruct the item for IC. If the item is a crate, you can open it via this menu.

Gettings Items

When a round ends, you have a 1 in 3 chance to obtain an item (Read below for explanation). Alternatively, you can open crates that are purchasable from the Market for IC.

Drop System In-Depth

There are nine different rarities in the system. You randomly receive an item from a rarity once a rarity is chosen. When you receive a drop, a number is generated between 1 and the next rarity. If the number generated equals the next rarity, then another number is generated between the rarity after that, and so on until the number doesn't equal the next rarity. That number is the rarity of the item you receive.

Rarities & Chances

  • Stock - Default Item
  • Worn - 1 in 1
  • Standard - 1 in 2
  • Specialized - 1 in 3
  • Superior - 1 in 4
  • High-End - 1 in 5
  • Ascended - 1 in 6
  • Cosmic - 1 in 7
  • Planetary - 1 in 8
  • Extinct - Exclusive Item

How do I get more IC?

You can get IC from deconstructing items or trading. VIP's receive 50% more IC when deconstructing items. Support Credits are also available for purchase on the Moat website here.

How do I get more inventory slots?

You automatically receive more inventory space once you've run out of the room!

Changing Cosmetic Position

If you have a cosmetic item equipped. You can right-click it, click change position, then use the tools given to change the position, rotation, and size of the object. Please don't abuse this tool as it was meant to make cosmetics fit all models properly, not to make people rage because you have a giant cone in your face.

Order Multiple Crates

You can use the arrows above the purchase button to change the number of crates you're ordering!

Deconstruct Multiple Items

If you hold LEFT+CTRL while clicking on items, you can mark them for deconstruction!

Changing the HUD

While alive, press F6 to enter the HUD edit mode. You can switch the default TTT HUD in the inventory settings if you don't like the custom one.

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