How to Join the Moat Server

Moat is now one of the largest and highest quality Garry's Mod Server Networks in the world, features original and fun games such as Terror Town, Terror City, Boss Battle, and many more!


To play on the Moat Server, you will need to own a Garry's Mod account for PC/Mac (sometimes known as Gmod the game), which can be purchased on the Official Garry's Mod on Steam website.

Any other Garry's Mod versions, such as the dev branch, or pre-release versions will not work. Pirated copies will be blocked.



Once it's installed and ready to play, you can join the Moat server by using SHIFT+ ESC to open the console. Run the connect command with our server address.

The server address is:


Here's a video guide on how to join the Moat server:


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